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A Bar-B-Que and Marinade Sauce                   

       Roshell Parham 2010       


The Original Originator of  Parham's Groceries









                                                     Elaina Newman Parham, Granddaughter and Originator of Parham's II

   The Story of Parham's Famous            Bar-B-Q Sauce


This is the Place Where It All Started.

Roshell Parham "Mr. P" and his wife          Jimmie Parham were the original founders of Parham's Groceries.  The Original location was 706 Hayes Ave Jackson, Tennessee. It was a small store on the corner of Hayes and LaConte.

Born in Whiteville Tennessee, and a resident of Chicago for many years, Mr. and Ms. Parham came up with an idea to operate a grocery store, in addition  to, adding a small carry- out food restaurant.  And it worked!

Students, teachers, and others came from colleges, churches, local businesses, and  other areas in the  city packing the lines everyday during lunch and dinner time. The customers could not get enough of that delightfully tasting food, especially chicken.  But more than that, they  could not  get enough of that home made Bar-B-Q sauce.

Anyone who had ever lived in Jackson Tennessee or who had visited knew about the man who had the famous restaurant.  Everyone thought it was the food but it was all in the sauce.  

 After 50 years, We are Back !!!


The Parham's House 

 This is the Original Place

                                                          This is the Original Recipe

A Sauce with an Undeniable Taste



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The African Fest Jackson Tennessee


Try This Sauce On Any Dish









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